General Information

Food Safety

The Food Safety Department has a mandate to monitor, evaluate and take action on any matters that may have a direct or indirect effect on the safety of the food supply. This is done not only for the export market, but for local consumption as well.

Global trends in food production, processing, distribution and preparation present new challenges to food safety, and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the health risks posed by microbial pathogens and potentially hazardous chemicals in food.

The Food Safety Department conducts inspections at various food processing facilities throughout the country of Belize to ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices and HACCP principles. Sanitary certification of export products is also part of the department’s mandate.


The Central Investigation Laboratory provides the laboratory support to BAHA’s food safety program by analyzing foods through chemical, microbiological and physical methods to verify the absence of pathogens and contaminants and to record conformance with standards of safety and quality thereby assuring a safe food supply locally and internationally.