All means of conveyances arriving in Belize are inspected by designated officers of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority. The Quarantine Department carries out this function to ensure compliance with the administrative and technical requirements supported by the regulations of BAHA at all official points of entry.

All persons responsible for any means of transportation are required to comply with the regulations of BAHA upon arrival at any point of entry (Conveyances include land, sea and aerial transports).



All Airline representatives, owners of aircrafts and private dispatching agents are to contact the quarantine office, and inform inspectors twenty-four (24) hours in advance of scheduled arrival of aircrafts to any authorized airports or airstrips.


BAHA inspects all class of aircrafts, such as passenger, cargo and special designated flights (air force, air ambulance etc.). It consists of a detailed examination directed at the galley, cabins, garbage bins, compartments, containers, and aisles including other areas of the aircraft.


All sea vessels arriving from foreign ports, as well as from designated areas under official internal quarantine within Belize (pests or disease under official mandatory control); need to be boarded by officers of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority assigned for this activity.

These carriers include: passengers, general cargo, fishing, Maritime Wing of the Belize Defense Force and other foreign naval fleet, as well as other small private vessels that arrive from foreign ports. Areas for inspection entails holds, stores, main and after desks and garbage storage rooms and bins.

Every shipping agent, owner of a vessel, and any owner of a private marina or his authorized agent shall inform the Quarantine Office of the arrivals of vessels within twenty-four hours prior to arrival of such vessels.



All automobiles, trailers, trucks, buses, horses, pedestrians or any other type of carriers arriving into Belize need to be inspected by Quarantine officers to detect possible presence of quarantine pests.

Inspection of conveyances may also be conducted to verify presence of undeclared commodities.