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Animal Health


The Animal Health Department, in its mandate to protect animal health and life, provides those veterinary services that stimulate the growth of the livestock industry. It assists in achieving a level of animal production that can sustain the nations' food of animal origin needs while contributing the necessary veterinary support to the livestock industry, which can then be expanded for export markets.



Plant Health


The Plant Health Department ensures the agricultural health protection for plants from invasive pests and diseases. Additionally, its role has become increasingly important in areas such as certification of wholesomeness of raw plant products for export; negotiation of phyto-sanitary measures, both bilaterally and multilaterally; crop loss assessment due to pests, diseases and natural disasters and in the regulation of all important plant and plant products through Pest Risk Analysis.



Food Safety


The Food Safety Department has a mandate to monitor, evaluate and take action on any matters that may have a direct or indirect effect on the safety of the food supply. This is done not only for the export market, but for local consumption as well. Providing safe, wholesome and nutritious food is also regarded as a requirement under the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement, to which Belize is a signatory.



Quarantine & Inspection


The Quarantine Department, formerly under the Ministry of Agriculture, began its operations in 1981. Its first task was to eliminate the threats posed to Belize by the interception of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly in the states of Florida and California in the USA. Ever since, the Quarantine Department is considered the first line of defense against the introduction of any foreign pest or disease that could be a threat to animal, plant or human health through inspection and certification programmes. Quarantine Inspectors are at all official point of entry and are responsible for the inspection of luggage, vehicles, commodities and any receptacle that may be considered a vehicle for the introduction of pests or diseases.


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