September 23, 2017

General Questions


1. What is the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA)?

The Belize Agricultural Health Authority is the Competent Authority for agricultural health and food safety in Belize.

2. When was it established?

The Authority was established when the Belize Agricultural Health Authority Act No. 47 of 1999 was passed in the year 1999.

It became operational on April 01 2000.

3. Where is it possible to obtain a copy of the BAHA Act and its subsidiary regulations?

A copy of the BAHA Act is available on BAHA’s website.

All of Belize laws are also posted on the Government’s website at The BAHA Act is Chapter 211.

To obtain a copy of all subsidiary regulations passed under the BAHA Act, it is required that you search for Chapter 211S on that same website.

4. How is BAHA structured?

BAHA is a corporate body and is run by a Board of Directors.  It falls under the Ministry of Agriculture and all Statutory Instruments passed under the BAHA Act need to be signed by the Minister of Agriculture.  An organogram of the organization can be obtained from the BAHA Website.

The Authority has as head, the Managing Director, who in turn has a team of Senior Managers.  Each Department is headed by a Director.  Other Units are headed by Coordinators.

The organization has four (4) technical departments:  Animal Health, Plant Health, Quarantine and Food Safety.

The Authority also has a Finance Director and a Human Resource Director.

Each Department has its own structure based on its functions.

BAHA also has offices country-wide.  Quarantine Stations are located at all the major ports of entry.

In addition, BAHA has several laboratories:  Plant Protection Laboratory (Plant Health, Central Farm, Cayo District), Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (Animal Health, Central Farm, Cayo District), Central Investigation Laboratory (Food Safety, Belize City).

5. Does BAHA charge for the services offered?

  • Yes.  The Organization has a fee structure which is legislated:  Statutory Instrument Number 182 of 2004.  The aforementioned regulation contains all the services offered by BAHA and the fees that apply.

6.  If I have any queries on BAHA where could I direct my questions?

  • The Belize Agricultural Health Authority is also the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Enquiry Point for Belize.  As a result, BAHA has a focal point where all queries can be directed to.  Queries can be sent either to or

7. Is BAHA also the notification authority?

  • The Directorate of Foreign Trade in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism is the Notification Authority for Belize.  They can be contacted at the following electronic address: .

8. Does BAHA also serve as other contact points?

  • Yes.  BAHA is also the contact point for the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) because the Authority is also the National Plant Protection Organization for Belize.
  • It also serves as the contact point for the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).
  • In matters as they relate to Food Safety it is also the contact point for CODEX, however the focal point for CODEX is at the Belize Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Finance.
  • BAHA has also recently been given the responsibility of functioning as the focal point for Biosafety.