General Information


The Quarantine Department, formerly under the Ministry of Agriculture, began its operations in 1981. Its first task was to eliminate the threats posed to Belize by the interception of the Mediterranean fruit fly in the states of Florida and California in the USA. Ever since, the Quarantine Department is considered the first line of defense against the introduction of any foreign pest or disease that could be a threat to Animal, Plant or Human health through inspection and certification programmes.


To safeguard Belize’s agricultural production and export market through inspection and verification procedures and appropriate sanitary and phytosanitary actions.


To maintain an efficient quarantine inspection service at all ports of entry and to provide support to the Animal and Plant Health and Food Safety systems in Belize.


The Department operates with a total staff compliment of 41employees: one Director; one Assistant Director; one Data Analyst; one Administrative Assistant; Five Senior Quarantine Inspectors (Zone Supervisors); and 31 Quarantine Inspectors.



The Department’s headquarters is located in the BAHA Building at Central Farm and has presence at all major points of entry and other monitoring points. These include:

1.Santa Elena, Corozal District

2.Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA)

3.Port of Belize Limited, Belize District

4.San Pedro Port, Belize District

5.Benque Viejo Western Border, Cayo District

6.Big Creek Port, Stann Creek District

7.Punta Gorda Port, Toledo District

8.Quarantine Office, Orange Walk District


Monitoring Points

1.Consejo Pier, Corozal District

2.Blue Creek, Orange Walk District

3.Dangriga Town Pier

4.Stann Creek District




Contact Numbers


Central Farm [HQ] – (501) 824-4899/4872/4873
Santa Elena Northern Border (SENB) — (501) 403-8058
Port of Belize Limited (PBL) — (501) 203-1814
Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) — (501) 205-2521
Benque Viejo Western Border (BVWB) — (501) 803-2455

Big Creek Port (BCP) — (501) 503-2251

Punta Gorda Port (PGP) — (501) 702-2563

Quarantine Office, Orange Walk (OW) –302-1388