Veterinary Public Health

Animal Health Department

Zoonoses are diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites which are communicable from animals to humans and vice versa. The most important Zoonosis affecting Belize is Rabies. The Animal Health Department conducts a Vampire Bat Education and Control Programme that targets the control of vampire bat transmitted rabies in livestock. In addition, the department frequently conducts rabies vaccination campaigns in partnership with the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health. At present Belize is working towards self declaration of free status for bovine tuberculosis and bovine brucellosis. At the same time Belize is implementing a national traceablility system which may assist in the control of zoonotic diseases.


Risk management of other zoonoses transmitted via food should focus on the primary production of foodstuffs, and the department is developing on-farm food safety protocols that will complement the sanitary controls and food safety programs in slaughterhouses and food processing plants that is currently delivered by BAHA`s Food Safety Department