Import Guidelines

 Animal Health Department

Guidelines on Importation of Live Animals

1. Importer is to obtain a valid import permit.

2. Live animals will only be inspected at the authorized port of entry specified on the import permit.

3. The Director of Animal Health is to be notified two (2) days in advance of date and time of arrival of live animals at point of entry. Veterinary inspection at point of entry will be done only during daylight hours (9 am – 4 pm). For your information, the telephone numbers of veterinarians that can be contacted are:


  • Dr. Miguel Depaz – Central Farm- Ph: +501-824 – 4872/73/99 (Director of Animal Health)
  • Dr. Joe Myers – O/Walk – Ph: +501-302-1388 (District Veterinary Officer, Northern Districts)
  • Dr. Edwardo Tesecum – Central Farm – Ph: +501-824-4872/73/99 (District Veterinary Officer, Cayo District and Southern Districts)


4. Prior to the issue of an import permit for the importation of live animals:

  • (A) Risk analysis may be conducted including possible inspection of farm and area of origin by BAHA veterinary Officer. Where the live animals are to be in-transit through an area not free of a prescribed disease, a BAHA veterinary officer may be required to supervise the operation and accompany the animals.


  • (B)The Veterinary Officer in the district where the live animals will be quarantined must certify that the quarantine station meets minimal standards and has spoken to importer regarding quarantine arrangements and costs.

5. The live animals will be inspected at the point of entry by a Veterinary Officer of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority. Live animals not permitted entry will be returned to origin at the expense of the importer.

6. Any cost incurred in the processing of live animals for entry into Belize will be borne by the importer.

7. Live animals allowed entry into Belize will be subjected to a period of quarantine not less than thirty (30) days. During quarantine the live animals may be retested and must be negative to any test done before released from quarantine. These costs as well as cost of supervision during quarantine period including cost of any health measure taken during the period are to be borne by the importer.

8. The vehicles used to transport the live animals from the port of entry into Belize to the quarantine station were cleaned and disinfected.

9. No fodder or bedding accompanying the live animals will be allowed entry. Any livestock gear accompanying the live animals will be disinfected at the importer’s expense.