Animal Health Department 

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The Animal Health Department has as its main fuction to prevent the entry of animal diseases and in the event of an introduction the early detection so as to prevent its spread hence protecting the national herd and human health and life. It contributes to the growth of livestock industries providing food security, source of protein and poverty alleviation.

Entry Requirements for Bringing Dogs and Cats into Belize

1. Valid import permit from BAHA.

Applications can be submitted to any BAHA office. Where the import permit and conditions of importation are sent to the point of entry upon request by the importer, the document shall be stamped “pay upon entry”.

2. Meet conditions of importation that accompany the valid import permit.

(A) must have a recent international veterinary certificate (14 days)

(B) must have a valid rabies certificate: not less than one month or more than one year prior to the date of importation.

(C) Other conditions as specified.

3. Dogs and cats less than three months of age are to be confined at home until three months of age, at which time the animal must be vaccinated against rabies and confined for an additional thirty(30) days.

4. A BAHA veterinary officer or designated officer may inspect animals placed in confinement. This cost is to be borne by importer.

5. Quarantine inspection at the port of entry is required for all dogs and cats. Dogs and cats coming from countries considered of risk (for example, there is the risk of screwworm in dogs and cats coming from South America) will need to undergo veterinary inspection at the port of entry. There is an additional fee for veterinary inspection.

6. Application can be sent to  you can also call our Animal Health department at (501) 824-4872