BAHA’s Vision Statement
To be a trusted and respected agricultural health authority that inspires confidence in the safety, wholesomeness and health of Belize’s agriculture, fisheries and food products.

BAHA’s Mission Statement
To serve Belize by providing efficient, competent and cost effective professional animal health, plant health, quarantine and food safety services that protect human health, animal health and welfare, plant health and the environment, ensure safe and wholesome food, strengthen national food security and facilitate trade and commerce.

BAHA core values and guiding principles


  • In all endeavors we are truthful, trustworthy and operate in an ethical manner.



  • We recruit, develop and retain a competent, creative and highly motivated staff.
  • We maintain credibility and recognition through professional and technical  capacity. 
  • We deliver effective and efficient services to our stakeholders.


Inclusiveness  (team work) 

  • We value, recognize and respect every individual for their unique skills, talents and contribution to the delivery of our mandate. 
  • We support a healthy, personal and professional balance and offer competitive retirement, health and other benefits
  • We strive to exceed customer needs and expectations through competence, innovation and teamwork



  • We strive for excellence in the delivery of services, being professional, efficient, (professionalism) courteous, transparent and service oriented.
  • We reward staff for their outstanding performance and professional development.
  • Accountability  and Transparency
  • We take ownership and responsibility for our actions, inactions, risks and results and use outcomes as learning opportunities.
  • We develop effective policies and strategies in consultation with our stakeholders.